Friday, February 17, 2012

Western Union about NZD/USD

New Zealand’s dollar got a lift today versus its US counterpart as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s governor Alan Bollard claimed that the nation’s growth numbers are currently understated due to conservative statistical interpretations and the particular nature of the economy. According to Bollard, if Australian conventions are applied New Zealand’s GDP could be 10% higher.
Analysts at Western Union claim that NZD/USD is helped by more positive sentiment towards Greece: “All it takes is another bit of speculation that the Greeks have found more places to slash their budget, and while there is nothing concrete they have said that it (the second bailout) is likely to be green lit on Monday – which is all the market apparently needs”.
The specialists expect kiwi to trade at the current levels or edge higher to 0.8400. In their view, support for NZD is situated at 0.8320 (February 15 and 9 minimums), while resistance is found at 0.8420 (February 15 maximum).
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