Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Bank of England Increased Asset Purchases

The Bank of England has surprisingly increased the amount of asset purchases by 75 billion to 275 billion pounds. The analysts burst out with comments on this point.

BNP Paribas: there will be more QE in the coming months.

Deutsche Bank: pound will drop to $1.50 and will stay under pressure until the Federal Reserve hints at QE3.

Commerzbank: the size of QE2 shows that the BoE is really concerned with the nation’s economic situation. The specialists say that sterling’ slump won’t be as big as it was when the first round was introduced. The bank doesn’t see any inflationary risks. Commerzbank recommends being short on GBP/USD and expecting EUR/GBP to strengthen to 0.88.

Morgan Stanley: bearish outlook for British currency as the market was expecting QE2 not earlier than in November. GBP/USD is on its way down to $1.5175/1.5125.

Capital Economics: the threat of recession in Britain is bigger than the one of inflation. The analysts doubt that the measure will manage to improve economic outlook.  

Danske Bank: the increase in the amount of purchases it bigger that the bank projected. The pair EUR/GBP is on its way up to 0.8750.

daily eurgbp 16-51

Chart. Daily EUR/GBP
daily gbpusd 16-55

Chart. Daily GBP/USD

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