Monday, August 15, 2011

Easy-Forex Demo Challenge - First Prize $1,500


With a free $100,000 Demo account you can enter the easy-forex monthly demo trading challenge and get the chance to receive trading credits* into your real trading account.
Every month the top 3 traders with the highest Free Balance* will receive trading credits** into their Real Trading account.
1st Prize = $1,500 into Real account
2nd Prize = $1,000 into Real account
3rd Prize = $750 into Real account
Your easy-forex® Demo account is a great way to get into the Forex market by learning under live market conditions. If you are already trading then this is a great opportunity to test your strategies.
·         No obligations, 30 days of risk-free trading
·         Trade from real time charts and quotes
·         Get free market analysis
·         See how other traders are trading with Inside Viewer™
With your one demo account you can trade on our web, mobile or desktop platform TradeDesk™.

Click button below to register for a Demo account and Start Trading Now to get a chance to receive up to $1,500 Real Trading account.
* The demo challenge begins on the first trading day of each trading month and it ends on the last trading day of that month. The challenge is addressed to participants that do not currently have an active account with easy-forex. Existing easy-forex active trading clients are not allowed to participate. Each participant shall trade only in one easy-forex demo account per trading month. Demo Accounts are only eligible for participation if opened within the trading month of each month’s demo challenge. A trading month equals to a calendar month. The participant shall trade via their demo account within the month that they opened the specific demo account. The participant shall perform up to a minimum of 20 trades per entry. The highest equity of the demo account (defined as the free balance plus any used margin in open deals that will arise out of their demo trading) will be recorded on the last day of the trading month. Unrealized P&L on any open deals after the last day of the competition will not count. Three participants will be entitled to trading credits per trading month and will be notified by easy-forex by email or phone. The trading credits are as follows : highest account equity 1,500 USD, second highest is 1,000 USD and for the third highest is 750 USD. Any trading credit arising out of the deals undertaken on demo account cannot be withdrawn. The withdrawal of funds from an account before completing minimum trading turnover of USD 100,000 for every USD 10 of credit offered will nullify the credit upon completion of the trading month and cause the credit amount to be removed from the account. To receive any trading credit, the participants will be required to open an easy-forex live account with a minimum deposit of USD 200, for more info on various types of live accounts click here. Participants will be awarded one time only, giving new demo traders a chance. Demo challenge is only open to demo traders on easy-forex web platform or TradeDesk™.