Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dukascopy Bank SA - Trader of the Month Overview


Trader of the Month Contest Overview

FX trading award is for goal oriented traders driven by achievement.

June 2011 Trader of the Month winner is Mrs. Sarah Sorge see video

Like her every trader using the Dukascopy Bank platform is a candidate for the monthly Award.

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Contest Information 

To give an incentive towards superior performance and transparency among professional traders and investment managers, Dukascopy Bank arranges a monthly FX trading award. The trading account with the best performance will be singled out at the end of each calendar month to receive a prize. 

Grand Prize - a Luxury Watch
In line with the bank’s stated mission to provide a fair and transparent trading environment, Dukascopy as a Swiss Forex Bank & Marketplace actively encourages traders to achieve better performance results. The winner of each month will receive a personal invitation to visit bank’s office in Geneva, be interviewed by the Dukascopy TV team and be conferred a spectacular prize – a Luxury Watch from Cartier and Dukascopy Bank.
Cartier is a Luxury Brand well known for its emphasis on great classics and fidelity to traditions inspired by aspiration to create masterpieces of technological innovation. Inspired by masculinity and sophistication these beautiful watches serve as an example of good taste and elegance revealed in laconism and determination.

During his stay in Geneva, the trader will take residence at the hotel Beau Rivage, one of the most prestigious establishments in Switzerland, – a Palace hotel built in 1865.

Terms and Conditions
The contest is held during the twelve consecutive months of 2010. A new winner is determined at the end of each month. All Live trading accounts enter the contest automatically as soon as at least 10 trades are made during the current month. Open a Live Trading Account

Unified standards will be applied to evaluate trading accounts with performance* as a main evaluation criteria. In addition, the best trader must comply with the requirements of transparency:  to openly share a personal trading experience and to be interviewed on Dukascopy Forex TV. 

* The performance of traders is measured by Time-Weighted Rate of Return (TWR). This method eliminates the distorting effects created by inflows or outflows of new money and it is used to effectively compare the returns of the traders. TWR is the main method approved by GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards).

The contest is solely intended to reward sounder, more profitable trading practices. It is not intended and may not be viewed as an invitation to employ or refrain from employing specific trading techniques and/or assume specific levels of risk. LIVE account holders should always be aware of risks, involved in leveraged trading in foreign currencies, as disclosed to them and acknowledged by them in the account opening documentation.
Presentation of the award to any trader and any related activities are held exclusively as a contest reward for the trading performance during that particular time period, and in no way as an endorsement and/or promotion of that particular trader, and related trading techniques and/or strategies by Dukascopy Bank SA. Presentation of the award and any related activities do not create any kind of affiliation or partnership between the respective trader and Dukascopy Bank SA.