Thursday, July 14, 2011

Market AutoTrader – Features and Highlights

Market AutoTrader – Features and Highlights

Market AutoTrader allows you to review popular, successful strategies and automatically copy them – once chosen, the platform will execute your trades… automatically!

 Live Charts

Review Live market charts of all tradable financial instruments. To analyze the charts you can change parameters such as time frames, zoom in and out on for a better focus of activity, and choose between different chart types.

Chart Analysis

Indicators, oscillators and chart studies are available in one-click. Additionally, you can see the distribution (frequency and popularity) of open “buy” and “sell” positions of other users and their chosen strategies.

 Live Signals

A stream of all the “buy” and “sell” signals generated by the strategy providers. You can choose specific trades you want to “mirror” and execute in your account.


Strategy Filters

According to your trading criteria, the smart and custom filters will identify suitable strategies.  

Strategy Performance

Market AutoTrader presents detailed summaries of strategy performance, helping you make educated decisions. In the strategy card you can find in-depth information about the strategies.


Trading Portfolio

A portfolio is the combination of your selected trading strategies for automatic mirroring. Creating an effective and balanced trading portfolio will help you diversify your investment.


Risk Management

Market AutoTrader allows traders to control their risk by setting an approximate loss limit for each strategy. You can also set automatic stop and limit values for each position opened by your selected strategy.


Watch List

The watch list provides you with quick access to selected strategies.




Operating on a scale of 1 to 10, the T-Score indicates strategy momentum and stability.

If you’re ready to trade, Open a Live Market AutoTrader Account.

If you prefer to practice first, trade risk-free with a Practice AutoTrader Account!
  • Use fully-automated trading functions with proven strategies
  • Trade with Proven Strategies in Real-Time
  • Simulate Strategy Performance Before Execution
  • View complete trading activity (history, trades, etc.)
  • Generate returns while you’re away from the platform
  • Filter strategy list for easy selection
To get familiar with the platform download the Market AutoTrader manual!