Thursday, July 21, 2011

John Taylor expects severe global economic recession

John Taylor, the founder of the world’s biggest currency hedge fund FX Concepts, expects the euro area debt crisis to ease during the next 3 months.

The specialist thinks that the improvement of the market’s risk sentiment will help gold price surge to $1,900 by October. Taylor is also quite bullish on commodity currencies, in particular, on Australian and Canadian dollars.

Never the less, the economist thinks that the rally won’t last long. After reaching the record high gold may fall to $1,100 as the global economy gets into recession worse than the one in 2008.
According to Taylor, the United States will run out of means to prevent the economic slump. 

European economy is also likely to get into the declining path, says the analyst. In his view, the pair EUR/USD will drop to $1.15 hitting the parity level next year.

weekly eurusd 11-53

Chart. Weekly EUR/USD

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