Monday, July 11, 2011

Jforex Strategy Trading Contest Checkup - NR23

JForex Strategy Contest provides you with an opportunity to challenge the forex market by developing a profitable automated trading strategy. Build your own trading algorithm with the JForex platform solution and compete for prizes in form of Live accounts. Contest Registration

Only registered automated strategies are qualified for the contest, which makes this contest a marathon of human abilities to program a fully automated trading robot.

Any good trading ideas backed up by Java developing skills have a potential to cross the finish line first.

The monthly prize fund of the JForex Strategy contest is $15 000.

Contest Registration Registration

All prizes are presented in form of a Live account with Dukascopy Bank SA - Open your Live account here

Winners may withdraw cash prize amounts from their accounts only after meeting the turnover requirements.

Prizes and Awarding Rules:

Only Participants with real positive increase of capital can be treated as Contest nominees.
The total prize pool of USD 15 000 is distributed among 10 winners of the Contest in the following manner:

1st place - "grand prize" of USD 5000
2nd-3rd places - "golden prize" of USD 2500
4th-6th places - "silver prize" of USD 1000
7th-10th places - "bronze prize" of USD 500

The winners may withdraw cash prize amounts from their respective live accounts after meeting the following minimum turnover requirements on these live accounts:

1st place - 10 million USD
2nd-3rd places - 5 million USD
4th-6th places - 2 million USD
7th-10th places - 1 million USD

Cash prizes are credited to a live account in the name of Participant with Dukascopy. The Participant who is awarded with a prize is not allowed to demand crediting of the prize to any other account, including, among other, an account that is not in the name of this Participant.

If a Participant does not have a live account with Dukascopy, then he/she should proceed to the live account opening procedure in a regular way. If a Participant does not comply with live account opening requirements, Dukascopy reserves the right to cancel the cash prize.

Each prize winner has a commitment to give consent to publication of his/her Strategy's source code by Dukascopy. In case such consent is not given, respective Participants will have their prize value reduced by 50%. In case of 1st - 6th place winners the resulting prize amount will be credited to respective Participants' live account with Dukascopy in a manner described above. In case of 7st-10th place winners the resulting prize value will be counted towards the respective Participants' bonus. If the total value of bonuses accumulated by the respective Participant exceeds 500 USD during one year the resulting amount may be credited to such Participant's live account with Dukascopy in a manner, described above.

In case of a Participant's refusal to participate in promotional events, interviews, public announcements in connection with the Contest, Dukascopy has the right to disqualify such Participant and give the respective prize to another Participant.

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