Sunday, July 3, 2011

FXPrimus Top Trader Contest USD10,000 Cash Prizes

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How the contest works

  1. Register for the contest inside the FXPRIMUS member area and fund your Live account with USD250 or more by 15 July 2011.
  2. Trade from 18 July - 31 August 2011.
  3. The top ten traders who earn the most by PERCENT GAIN win cash!

What you can win

1 x Grand Prize: USD5,000 cash
1 x First Prize: USD2,500 cash
1 x Third Prize: USD1,000 cash
2 x Fourth Prizes : USD500 cash
5 x Fifth Prizes: USD100 cash

See terms and conditions below.

Ready to win your share of USD10,000?

If you're not yet an FXPRIMUS client or you only have a Practice Account:
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If you're already an FXPRIMUS Live account client:
Click here to login to your member area so you can register for the contest and fund your account!


In order to be eligible to win, you must fund a self-directed approved account during the Registration Period (see A.1 below). The top 10 highest gainers in terms of percentage of profit during the Contest Period (see A.2 below) will be eligible for the cash prizes listed in section E (see below).

The percentage of profit is calculated by using your cumulative CLOSED profit or loss during the Contest Period and dividing it by the Beginning Balance (see A.3 below). For example, if your closed profit is USD500, and your Beginning Balance is USD2,500, your percentage of profit equals 20%. Please note that we don't use floating profit or floating loss to calculate your percentage of profit.

A.1. Registration Period means the period from 00:00 GMT +3 July 1, 2011 until 23:59:59 GMT +3 July 15th, 2011. This period denotes the time to register and fund an approved self-directed account. The minimum funding during the Registration Period is USD250 or currency equivalent.

A.2. Contest Period means the period from 00:00:01 GMT +3 July 18, 2011 until 23:59:59 GMT +3 August, 31 2011.

A.3. Beginning Balance means the balance we use to calculate your percentage profit or loss during the Contest Period. The Beginning Balance is equivalent to your Equity at the end of the Registration Period. For example, if you deposit USD1,000 during the Registration Period, and the Equity is USD1,200 at the end of the Registration Period, we will use USD1,200 as the Beginning Balance for the contest. Please note that the Beginning Balance will include any bonuses or credits in your account.


B.1. These Terms and Conditions form the basis of the traders' account contest called "Top Trader" ("Contest").

B.2. Taking part in this contest constitutes acceptance of these Terms. FXPRIMUS ("FXPRIMUS" \/ "the Company" "we" \/ "our"( is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission ("FSC"(. The FXPRIMUS registered office is Ebene House, 3rd Floor, 33 Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius. FXPRIMUS reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate these terms, or any aspect of it, at any time and without prior notice. We may make changes to these terms and will notify you of these changes by posting the modified terms on the FXPRIMUS website. We recommend that you revisit these terms regularly and, by your continued use of the FXPRIMUS website and services, you accept any such modified terms.

B.3. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to disqualify any individual that tampers or attempts to tamper with the operation of the contest, or breaches the contest's terms.

B.4. Any dispute or situation not covered by these terms will be resolved by our management in a manner it deems to be the fairest to all concerned. That decision shall be final and/or binding on all entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

B.5. If these contest terms are translated into a language other than English, the English version of the Terms and Conditions shall prevail where there is an inconsistency.


C.1. Any self-directed approved and funded FXPRIMUS client can participate in the contest. Managed accounts are not eligible for the contest.

C.2. The Contest Period is from 00:00:01 GMT +3 July 18, 2011 until 23:59:59 GMT +3 August, 31 2011.

C.3. To participate in the Contest, you must preregister (Registration Period) from within the FXPRIMUS Member Area by selecting a contest nickname and then agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Top Trader Contest. Registration can be done only once. You may register any time from 00:00 GMT +3 July 1, 2011 until 23:59:59 GMT +3 July 15, 2011.

C.4. To participate, accounts must be self directed, approved and funded* by the end of the Registration Period. The minimum qualifying deposit to participate is USD250 or currency equivalent.

* your funds must be received and credited to your account by 23:59:59 GMT+3 July 15, 2011.


D.1. We will post daily and final results on the FXPRIMUS website (

D.2. Ranking is determined by the Percentage of Profit gained. Each day, we will show the Top 20 on our website, and at the end of the Contest Period the Top 10 in terms of Percentage of Profit will will the Prizes.

D.3. If two or more participants have the same Percentage of Profit then their places in the contest will be determined by random drawing.

D.4. We will compile the daily results on the website within 24 hours following the end of trading each day, and will post the final results within 24 hours after the contest finishes and will publish them on the FXPRIMUS website.


E.1. The Top 10 places in the contest will receive a cash prize which will be credited into each winner's Live FXPRIMUS account. Winners can withdraw this cash prize at any time.

PlaceCash Prize

E.2. Contest participants are not able to change their base currency during the duration of the contest. Doing so will terminate the participant's eligibility to win.
E.3. FXPRIMUS will disclose the contest nickname and Percentage of Profit of the Top 20 rankings entrants each day according to the schedule described in D.4. above.


F.1. All questions and complaints regarding the contest must be sent to FXPRIMUS will not consider a complaint lodged by any other method.
F.2. The question or complaint must contain your MT4 ID and details of the complaint.
F.3. We will consider all complaints in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.


G.1. FXPRIMUS has the right to suspend or terminate the contest if a situation arises where the conditions are unfair for most participants.

G.2. Management has the right to suspend or terminate the contest if its continuation is rendered impossible due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of FXPRIMUS (natural disasters, war, political conflict, etc).

G.3. In the case of suspension or termination of the contest, management may resume the contest with the same participants (having saved or restored account data at the moment the contest was suspended), or hold registration again and start the contest again from the beginning. In all cases, FXPRIMUS management will make a final decision and will post all information on this decision on the website with reasonable advance notice.

G.4. If the contest is not resumed and completed, the results at the moment of suspension will not be considered to form the grounds for the awarding of prizes.