Thursday, July 7, 2011

EUR/USD Intraday Technical Level


Breakout BUY Level : 1.4402
Strong Resistance : 1.4392
Original Resistance : 1.4380
Inner Sell Area : 1.4366
Target Inner Area : 1.4332
Inner Buy Area : 1.4298
Original Support : 1.4284
Strong Support : 1.4270
Breakout SELL Level : 1.4261


Today the EUR/USD is to find Support and Resistance between 1.4284 and 1.4380 and it has a strong Support at 1.4270 and a strong Resistance at 1.4392; if today the EUR/USD breaks out and closes below 1.4261, it will be a sign for Short trading for today; on the other hand, if the pair can break out and close above 1.4402, it will be the sign for LONG trading for today. Another option for the advanced trader can be trading between the Inner Buy Level at the 1.4298 for LONG trading and the Inner Sell Level at the 1.4366 for the SHORT trading, and all of them with the target at the 1.4332 level.

Performed by Arief Makmur, Analytical expert
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