Monday, July 4, 2011

Elite Signal Trader - MetaTrader 4 Plugin

Elite Signal Trader

Elite Signal Trader is a Meta Trader Software plugin that can trade email signals, including but not limited to:
  • Tradestation signals
  • Prosignal signals
  • FX Trek Intellicharts / Intelliscript signals
  • Manually generated email signals with buy/sell format predefined
Do you have email signals that you want traded automatically?  Do you use an email signal provider with, that can only email signals to you, and you want to trade them automatically?

Elite Signal Trader takes any text signal such as:
Subject: Buy alert
Symbol: EUR/USD
Price: 1.2404
Time: 04/25/2006 11:00:00
Alert Name: AFX - Intrepidus Hourly EURUSD
..and executes on your Meta Trader broker, automatically!



  • Market order (defined with slippage)
  • Stops and Limits
  • Take profits
  • Define custom orders


Click here to see more results of systems included - See reference (legend) to determine if account is Live, Demo, or Test.

Elite Expert Trader MT package, comes with ALL OF THE ABOVE experts, INCLUDING previous versions.

What you get with the Subscription
Expert Advisors
  • DRS CT Hybrid Scalping System
  • DRS CT Asian Scalper
  • DRS CT High Frequency Scalper
  • Vermillion FX Trader v3
  • Intrepidus Trading System v7
  • Elite Signal Trader, an EA that trades email signals
  • Speed Trader v1 and v2
  • Elite Parabolic Trader
  • EES PH2, EES PH3
  • Elite e-Ma
  • Elite eFibo Trader
  • EES Least Squares EA
  • CB EA
  • EES Hedger
  • 10 Other EAs
  • Additional EA can be added upon request
Extra Tools
  • Chart templates
  • Screenshots of trades
  • Trading articles
  • Trading strategies
  • EES Trade Copier
Support and trading area
  • Forums and message boards
  • Extra expert advisors
  • Chat rooms with other traders
  • Tech support videos
  • Demo trading account