Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Credit Agricole: US problems and EUR/USD dynamics

Analysts at Credit Agricole believe that the risks that the US will lose its top credit rating are high given the current impasse in the negotiations about the debt ceiling increase.

If the United States is downgraded, equity markets will fall and the bearish pressure on US dollar will strengthen, while the gold prices will rise. The bank thinks that shock to the American economy in case of the rating cut could lower the next quarter's real GDP growth close to zero, though 4Q growth is likely to show some rebound after a possible resolution to the budget standoff.

According to Credit Agricole, EUR/USD should remain supported for some time by the widening of yield spread between US and German government bonds. The specialists warn, however, that as investors’ demand for safe havens increases, Treasury yields may actually get lower.

In addition, the strategists underline that the August 2 deadline isn’t ultimate as the White house will have 1-2 weeks more before it runs out of cash. As a result, the panic seen so far seems to be exaggerated. The analysts say thus that euro’s advance is going to be limited. Strategists at Societe Generale agree. In their view, the pair can't hold above $1.45.

daily eurusd 16-10

Chart. Daily EUR/USD

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