Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Credit Agricole: Negative forecasts for euro

Strategists at Credit Agricole claim that the single currency has managed to rebound a bit as the initial panic caused by the surge of Italian yields faded. However, the fact that Italy got in the centre of market’s attention, which was previously focused mainly on Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, seriously undermines euro. In the short term the pair EUR/USD may advance more. Then, however, it will retest 4-month minimum at $1.3837 and will fall to $1.3400 by the end of September.

Specialists at Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ believe that Italy may once again make euro slump especially if the nation’s sovereign bond yields keep rising increasing the risk that Italian government will have to apply for external financial help. At the same time, the danger will remain even if the yields temper. The bank is getting more and more convinced that EUR/USD reversed down its uptrend from June 2010 lows. It’s more likely now that the ECB will pause monetary tightening this year.

Analysts at Investec expect the European currency will be gradually weakening during the second half of 2011 to end the year at $1.35. The economists think that in a year EUR/USD may fall to $1.25. According to them, if the situation in the euro area keeps worsening, euro may sink even faster.

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