Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ava FX announce "Audio Squawk Talking Forex"

Ava FX is please to annouce Talking-Forex - real-time audio news & commentary for the FX markets and real-time scrolling FX news. You will hear breaking news, economic releases and more trading information as it happens meaning that you will never miss a market move again. Listen to the same information that professionals hear.

With coverage daily from 6.30am to 9.30pm GMT : Talking-Forex is the only audio service available that is for FX traders.

Besides the audio, Talking-Forex offer scrolling headlines and videos which are filtered so that when you are trading you will be able to read the headlines that matter - rather than having to trawl through pages of unimportant news.

Talking-Forex also provides in house daily research, daily technical analysis of all the major currency pairs and daily FX video updates. Visit

Talking-Forex is available on your trading platform under "Audio Squawk Talking Forex" tab.