Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forex4you Pro-account Metatrader 4 One Click Trading & Market Depth

One Click Trading & Market Depth

One Click Trading script expands the functionality of MetaTrader4 Client Terminal. Traders can now benefit more from the exceptional execution speed for buy/ sell orders, acquiring an unforgettable experience of a real time trading!

The advantages of One click trading:

  • Allows creating buy/sell orders, close all positions, including hedging with just one click!;
  • Displays bid/ask indicators, Profit/Loss in pips, Total volume in lots;
  • Placing SL & TP in pips
  • Displays Market Depth (Level 2 quotes from the largest liquidity providers)

How to use it:

To activate One Click Trading & Market Depth script in your terminal:
  • Find “View” menu and open "Navigator " window or if it exists already on the left side menu, click on it
  • find the tab „Scripts”
  • choose “One click trading” script and move this script to the chart by pressing and holding the left button on the mouse.
  • now you are able to do trading with just a one click on those tools which are displayed on the chart

! Please note - trading should be first enabled in options, otherwise the script won’t work.

To use this type of trading with other instruments, simply move the script to the corresponding chart.

! Please note- The script applies only to accounts with No Dealing Desk Execution technology -Pro accounts. Other account users have an access only to Level 2 Quotes view. Visit Forex4you website