Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Deposit Free Forex Trading Bonus Broker Promotion 2011

No Deposit Free Forex Trading Bonus Broker Promotion 2011

How to receive your FREE $25 Bonus from Plus500 ?

1. Download the trading software by CLICKING HERE
2. Click on ‘Real Money’
3. A New Account window will open. Enter your new account details and click 'Submit'
4. In the drop down menu at the top of the page, click on ‘Account’ -> ‘Validate Phone'
5. Enter your personal details and click 'ok'
6. Enter your mobile number WITHOUT the country code and click on 'Send me a SMS'
7. You will receive a 3 digit code via an SMS message. Enter this code in the '3 digit code' field
8. $25 will be added to your account and you can start trading

Bonus Requirements:
1. To withdraw your free bonus you need 60 TPoints (trader points)
2. One bonus per household/IP address.

Claim Your FREE 25$ Bonus

NordFX expands the line of trading accounts with the new one – the “Welcome!”-account. It has already deposited with $8. The funds are provided by the company for trading at the “free of charge” basis. It means you can start trading immediately after opening the account! Click here to start

The above mentioned $8 will be deducted on the first withdrawal of the funds only, so one can start trading without depositing its own funds. Moreover all profits gained at the account can be withdrawn at any time. There are no restrictions for the number of transactions made and the volume of trades.

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Limited time promotion : Welcoming the 2011 New Year, FXOptimax is now launching another Free Welcome Bonus 10 USD promo, starting from January 3rd, 2011. By opening an account at FXOptimax, clients are eligible for the 10 USD bonus.

Here is the term and condition applied to the promo:

* Each client shall get only 1 chance and never get 10 USD bonus on previous promos.
* Only for micro account.
* Client’s profit can only be withdrawn after closing 2 lot. (200 trades of 0.01 lot)
* 10 USD Bonus can only be withdrawn after closing 5 lots. (500 trades of 0.01 lot)
* Leverage is 1:400
* FXOptimax has the right to decline and/or remove client’s bonus without explaining the reason.
* In case of fradaulent activity by client, such as bonus cheating and abusing, FXOptimax has the right to deduct     client’s balance as settlement.
* If client get stopped out (margin level drop below 50% and indicated by SO at order comment), credit/bonus/untrue trades will be removed.

DO NOT forget to put * FREE10USD * on the Promotional Code textbox and be sure to put * 17798 * at Referring Agent ID field in the registration form. Claim Your $10 Bonus

Marketiva specializes in providing traders with high quality online trading services. With a team of dedicated financial specialists and technical support personnel, Marketiva operates globally as a market maker and principal counterparty to retail traders. Marketiva has established itself as an industry leader by relying on its internet trading platform renowned for its ease of use, flexibility and reliability, as well as on its outstanding customer service.

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