Monday, February 23, 2009

Make sure you don't loose money

While it is simple to begin trading forex online, maintaining profitability in the long term is no easy task. You have probably heard that 90 percent of forex traders will loose their money in the long time. If indeed this is absolutely true, it is the result of a couple of different factors.

Overtrading:- Each trade costs you a couple of pipsa, consider your trades well befor you make them. Each faulty trade, even if excited quickly, drains equitey.
Bad money management:- One bad trade can wipe out a year of patient, smart trading. Manage your risk using stop loss orders, so that you never risk too high a percentale of your equity on any one single trade.

Lack of knowledge:- If you have never traded forex before, educate well for yourself. Successful traders are not born that way. The difference between the success and failure in the forex market depends in no small part on the knowledge and education on a trader. For the beginning trader, a proper education is essential before investing in the Foreign Exchange. Find a program yu are comfortable with, and begin practicing on a demo account.

Trading on the foreign exchange offers unparalleled opportunities for profit, but it is also extremely high risky. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you start trading, and start trading only when you are very comfortable in you knowledge and ability.